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Guide to using PowerPoint

Have you always wondered how to prepare great presentation slides?  The answer is Microsoft PowerPoint, which is an extremely popular computer software tool to use.  PowerPoint gives you the ultimate control to create gorgeous fonts, beautiful graphics, clip art, charts, cool graphics, animation and crisp sound to make your creative visual presentation stand out in school projects or while presenting creative visual pictures, videos, and engaging content to eager crowds while giving a speech presentation at a well-known university or prestigious company.

In order to create effectively and a powerful presentation, you must create a story, which is a beginning, middle and end to keep your presentation flowing smoothly.  Also, it is recommended to present only one key message per slide.  You do not want to confuse the audience and lose their concentration.  Use elements that tie to your message or adds content.  Try to use graphics that strongly supports your ideas and messages to your audience members, after all, there’s no point in creating a slide about mathematics with graphics of physical education.  Also, keep a consistent design with your colors, graphics and font styles as this further draws in your audience and helps them to relate to the content of the slides.

Whether you are using PowerPoint to create a slideshow to present a school project, sell a product or make a point you have a variety of tools to choose from.  It helps to first familiarize yourself with the different tools if you have not already done so. If you are thinking of using PowerPoint on a regular basis it helps to also learn the shortcut keys so that you can create presentations faster as you learn your way around it. Using the visual tools in PowerPoint to captivate your audience makes it easier to keep them entertained as well as getting your message across whatever that may be.  By using the PowerPoint presentation as a story teller you can stop and start or automate the whole slide show to allow as much or as little audience interaction as you need. A great example is to use as a question and answer slide to ask a question, get the opinion of your audience and then reveal the answer. This could be used to shock people with facts and figures.

The most important concept before starting a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation is to think first and create key questions that you can answer.  Some questions that you should ask yourself is: What do you want to learn from this presentation?  Who are the audience?  What do you want your audience to learn?  Where will your presentation take place and what time?

Powerpoint is now regularly used in a variety of industries, especially in the healthcare field. Most classroom training and learning for ACLS online certification is done using Powerpoint slides. If you’d like to see examples of this you’re welcome to visit the site of United Medical Education.

These questions will help you to formulate a clear idea or thesis and will allow you to find evidence to support your main idea. Lastly, colors are important to get your audience’s attention.  Yellow is used to quickly get the audience’s attention, the color red will cause excitement or emotions to rise and white will show honesty in the speaker.  Once you have your layout and have answers to each of your own questions you will be able to create a PowerPoint presentation fit for the purpose and audience.