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How to Guide on Using MS Word

Microsoft Word is a great software application that can be used both on Macintosh computers and Windows computers.  It is a popular software because it is simple to use and it gives you the choice to create all different types of documents including letters, greeting cards, invoices, brochures, calendars and web pages.  It is a word processing program that you can use on your laptop computer, tablet, or your smart mobile cell phone.  The first question is how do I create a new document?  It is simple.   After you download the recent MS Word application to your Mac or Windows computer, in the Start Menu, click on the Microsoft Word application.  It will open up and give you the option to choose a new blank document or a document template that has already been created.  If you want to start a new document, click on the new blank document icon.  If you want to choose a document template, choose the template that you want and click on the document template of your choose to begin.

Most people are interested in learning just the basic features of MS Word.  MS Word can be used for term papers, outlines, or writing a book or novel.  Microsoft Word allows you to move around a document.  In your desktop or your Start Menu, choose the Microsoft Word icon.  Then click on either the Office button or File button.  Choose Open on your computer and choose the document that you wish to open.  Double click with your mouse to open it.  There is a flashing cursor that will indicate where you are typing. When you create a new document, the cursor will be at the start of your document so that you can begin typing. As you type, the cursor will move with each letter that you type.  Lastly, you can move your document by using the arrow keys on the bottom of your computer laptop.  I can show you how to create a bulleted list.   First, you open up Microsoft Word.  Then, you open up the bulleted icon on top of the document.  A bullet icon will appear under your text.  Type your bulleted list.  When you press Enter, another bullet will appear.  You can stop the bullet icons by clicking on the bulleted list.  You also have the option to print a document and save a document as well.   Printing a document is easy.  You need to have a printer in order to see your documents on paper.   Make sure that you complete your document first.  Then, click File at the top left-hand corner of the document.  Select the Print menu.  Choose how many pages you have.  Then click the print icon.   The document will start printing.  Lastly, you should save a document.   First, click on File.  Select the Save button.  Choose the file that you want to save.  Then, it will prompt you where you want to save the document.  You can save it on the desktop or on your flash drive.  Then, press Save to make the changes.    

Word is the primary tool used to help create the learning materials related to PALS online recertification. Because of the flexibility of Word, physicians and nurses can easily edit and update the training materials as needed. This is why Word has become the industry standard in learning both online and in the classroom.

If you want to take things to the next level you can change your font size and print type to make certain parts stand out. Select the box with the font descriptions from the top toolbar and a list of different fonts will be shown for you to try. Highlight the text you wish to change and use the drop down menu to select the correct font. To change the size use the drop box next to the font changer. You can also embolden, italic or underline your text by using the B, I and U buttons.

To change the color of the text use the ‘A’ with the red underneath to decide what color you wish your font to be. You can also highlight important parts by using the highlighter located to the left of the text color changer.

If you want to add a picture to your document you can add one that you already have in your files by selecting the ‘insert’ tab or choose a clip art picture, chart, and shapes. To complete your document you can also add headers, footers and page numbers by using the same insert tab. There’s so much more to Word than just typing up a letter. Play around with the different features to make it easier to use in the future. When you are done you can create a new document to go back to the original settings to start your new document so don’t worry, playing around will not affect the original set up.

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