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Category: Excel for the ACLS certified physician

How to Guide on using Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is another excellent software program that people should learn how to use because it is used in most workplace jobs in today’s society.  Excel was primarily designed to provide worksheets that are simply made of columns and rows.  It also has a great feature of calculating simple to more difficult mathematical calculations.  You can create spreadsheets and lists for your company or for yourself if you are using it at home. 

The Excel spreadsheet has columns that are labeled with the letter A, B, C, D, all the way to Z.  The cells in the first row is A1, B1, C1, etc.  In Microsoft Excel, you can add two different cells together, for example, A1 + B1.  There is a formula bar that shows what is in the selected cell.   MS Excel workbook is a group of worksheets. 

You can move from cell to cell in Microsoft Excel.  The buttons to use on your computer laptop is your arrow keys.  You can move left, right, up and down.  The Enter Key moves to the next cell below the current cell.  You can use the Tab key to move the cell one space to the right. Another good feature is selecting one individual cells column, or row with one click of a button.  If you want to select one individual cell, just click on the cell only.  When you want to select one row of cells, select the row number.  Finally, when you desire to choose one or more columns of cells, select the column letter.   

Many healthcare environments rely on Microsoft Excel for their staff. Physicians who are certified in ACLS online often use Excel to organize their algorithms and materials. United Medical Education helps student doctors use Excel to enhance their learning experience while earning ACLS recertification online.

As well as the conventional uses for Microsoft Excel it can also be used for many other things that you may not have realized including art and even gaming! For a select few the spreadsheets are being used for digital art by using the ‘autoshape’ button. The reason it was used initially is because it is a lot cheaper than forking out for expensive digital art software.  Stop motion animation is another use for Excel and has been used behind the scenes for many years. You can break down videos into individual frames and recreate them in a mosaic pattern for magical results.

If gaming is more your thing then Excel can be used to recreate games or your own from scratch. Already people are using the Excel tools to recreate and play Tetris, Pacman and lots of other games including the well-known Candy Crush!  If Sudoku is more your thing then why not try downloading an excel file that not only allows you to play the game when you need a break from work but can also help you to solve the puzzles? The software doesn’t stop there though. You may already be aware of the Excel flight simulator that was created back in 1997. Imagine how the simulation could be developed further? Excel ticks all the boxes when it comes to work, rest and play and has so much more to offer than being a way to mail merge documents, set schedules and solve mathematical equations.

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