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About Us

If you are looking to learn more about Microsoft word, excel, visual studio and PowerPoint then taking a course is the best way to do so. With our online courses you are able to learn at a pace that suits you at a time that is most convenient around any other responsibilities you have. Whether you have used the Microsoft software before or are just starting out there’s a course to suit your needs. There’s so much more to the software than creating documents, spreadsheets, slide shows and coding platforms. All you need to get started are versions of the software you wish to learn more about and some spare time to learn everything from the basics upwards.

Microsoft Excel

The Microsoft Excel software can be used for both business and personal use. As well as helping you to create standard spreadsheets you can also create simple games, flight simulators and even try your hand at digital design. As the courses we have cover all levels you can increase your confidence in using Excel if you have used it before but don’t know what all the buttons do, increase your chances of moving up at work to a better paid role or just learn how to use the software from scratch so that you can incorporate it into your personal or work tasks to make life easier. The courses will teach you how to manipulate the spreadsheet data, validate it and present it using the specific functions to showcase the information in a way that best suits the audience including diagrams and graphs.

Microsoft PowerPoint

If you have used Microsoft PowerPoint at all you will know that you are able to create slide shows that captivate. There are so many different functions that someone first using the software could find it confusing, even those that have used it previously may find that there are so many functions they haven’t used that they are missing out on being able to animate, add sound or create a professional looking presentation. We can help you to learn at the level that is best for you whether you are a beginner, treading water or someone who uses PowerPoint for their work and wants to sharpen up their existing skills.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word has long been the most popular word processing program in both the home and workplace. It has numerous features that can help you to create a whole host of text documents as well as being able to hyperlink for website use, add pictures, frames and many other functions. Each time a new Word is released more functions are added and there are slight differences to the layout. For this reason it’s a good idea to get on an online training course even if you have used it previously. On the course you will be able to learn about functions you may not have been aware of and how to create endless types of documentation from standard letters to CV’s and certificates.

Visual Studio

If you are looking into web development then learning about Visual Studio’s functions could help you to improve your current skills. To take the course you should have some basic knowledge of HTML or DHTML as well as a scripting language. The clever studio will give you a number of functions that can improve your coding and scripting knowledge as well as reduce the time it would usually take to create applications, programs and software.