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Month: April 2017

Guide to Using Visual Studio

Visual studio is only a Windows software application.  Apple Macintosh computer users cannot use the visual studio software.  There is an IDE guide, which stands for the interactive development environment.  Its purpose is to write, debug and test code in order to increase your work productivity.  It is important to sign into your Microsoft Office account to access Visual studio.  After you sign in, you will be able to keep your multiple devices at the same frequency.  It allows you to connect to the online Visual studio on your Windows computer.

This software will help computer programmers who have tasks such as creating algorithms, analysis, along with testing, debugging, and keeping the written source code in top working order.  When you begin working on Visual Studio, you should open a visual studio solution.   It is important to know that the name of the solution is App1.  When you want to open a file, double-click on one of the files and choose Open on the menu.  Also, it is important to know that code files display different features and text editors that are used for programming.  It is important for beautiful website codes for your online website.   Then, you use the Build Solution to put together your code.  You can check to see if your code has no bugs or viruses.  It is important to debug the code by selecting the Debug menu and clicking on Starting Debugging.

Another simple project to try is one that allows you to build a program to load pictures from your files to display in a specific window. You will use simple drag controls to do so and then set the properties. Once the properties are set you can use preset containers to get them to the right size.  To do this you will first need to create a new project. The next step is to add anything you need extra such as check boxes if you need to create a form. You can also portion your controls using the layout function and so much more.

Thanks to IntelliSense you are able to learn about the codes you use to create your programs as well as keep a track on parameters without having to enter numerous keystrokes. Once you start typing a code you will notice that a list of possibilities come up for you to choose from. You can continue to type to narrow down until you have the code you want. Once you have selected the code you are able to insert it easily by using the TAB or spacebar keys. You can also select the item you want and type in a period. This will cause the period to come after the item and offers you an additional list to choose an item to insert. You can also get quick information as to what it does before inserting it into your code.

Always remember that the left-hand icon represents the member type. If you want to look for icons further down you can do so by using the page up and down buttons to scroll and select.

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